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The Foundation Of The University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)

The foundation of the University-Industry Innovation Network (UIIN)

There are many networks out there already, yes that is true.
They all offer something, yes that is true.
But where are the things that I need, all in one place?
Why can’t I find resources in the same place as contacts and new opportunities?
Why do I have to be a member of all these different networks, however, often only being offered with the advantage of having my name listed?
A question many of you have probably asked yourselves.


Where is the real user advantage?! The idea was born: bring the market the biggest resource platform ever seen in this industry, help them to find new funding opportunities, link them to the contacts they need, help them to their new job and purchase the products they need and share contact details and speaker/reviewer listings.


The University-Industry Innovation Network will supply you with everything you need, at least that is the idea.. Lets see what happens!

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