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UIIN On Its Way!

UIIN on its way!

The backend is now growing into an actual platform, so the first resources can be added, listed, and shown in different formats, perfect! Still have to work on how everything is shown and the incorporation of Youtube and Slideshare, but that will come in the upcoming weeks.

The resource categories are there, now lets see how these resources can be transformed to opportunities. We need ‘Calls’ to acquire funding, ‘Events’ to generate new opportunities and gain new skills and knowledge, you of course need new employees for the ‘Jobs’ created by the new opportunities, those need new ‘Education & Training’ and we of course need to ‘Search for Partners’ to help us utilize the new opportunities.


In the meantime we asked the designer to create a few more symbols and icons and ‘tweak’ the logo and design to its final shape.

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