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Resource Collection Growing, Nearly At 2,000 And That Before Launch!

Resource collection growing, nearly at 2,000 and that before launch!

The hard work pays off, after the obvious ‘blood, sweat and tears’, we are reaching the point of 2,000 resources! With the support of our research directors we are filling the resource database to one never seen before. The platform is also nearly ready for launch, time to fine-tune the latest bits. We are getting closer to achieving our first target, becoming the biggest resource platform ever seen in this industry!

Having created the final structure, here’s a quick listing on how everything is categorised:

  • Opportunities
    • Calls
    • Events
    • Jobs
    • Education & Training
    • Partner Search
  • Information Sources
    • Publications
    • Best practices
    • Research projects
    • Public organisations
    • Journals & magazines
    • Presentations
    • Videos
    • Websites & Newsletters
    • Social network groups
    • Blogs & twitter
  • Commercial
    • Vendors
    • Product offerings

It seems we are close to achieving our initial mission: Offer everything you need. Got additional ideas/suggestions? Contact us!

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