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University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) Launch!

University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) launch!

Here it is, UIIN launch day. Having distributed the network amongst more than 45,000 university industry experts, promoted through social networks (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Xing) and through associated journals and magazines, as well as University Industry related blogs, UIIN is now live! Starting with a member database of close to a 100, we already link a wide range of stakeholders through their resources, requests for partners and their search for new employees.


On UIIN, users can look for new opportunities, find the resource to support these opportunities and find the right vendors to acquire the products needed to exploit new opportunities. UIIN is a platform covering all aspects in university industry relationships. Existing associations only offer a membership, without benefits, or limited access to a few resources, UIIN offers a membership with actual tangible benefits, as well as an open source aspect for all those wanting to share their resources or have access to those of others.



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