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UIIN Award Receives 37 Contributions

UIIN Award receives 37 contributions

“The number of submissions clearly exceeded our expectations” summarised Thorsten Kliewe, Co-Chair of the UIIN Award and Chairman of UIIN.

In its first year of existence the 2012 University-Industry Innovation Award has received a total of 37 contributions. Submissions have been received from 15 countries, covering 4 continents.


In the first review round each contribution is currently been reviewed by at least two members of our International Award Committee. The names of the Top10 contributions will be published on October 31 with the nominees then having 15 days to submit more detailed information for the second review round. Based on this second in-dept review, the Award winner will be chosen.


We thank all our partners and associate networks for their support in communicating the award to those involved in university-industry innovation worldwide.

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