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UIIN Good Practice Case Studies

UIIN Good Practice Case Studies

UIIN has published its first edition of the UIIN Good Practice Series, which is available at This study is a UIIN initiative, that is developed to support, develop and strengthen the interaction between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and business.



The objective of the series is to highlight a wide variety of cases in different settings. As every environment is different (e.g. country, culture, stage of development, type of institution) UIIN collects good practices on various subjects and levels, including organisational, departmental and project level. Presenting cases with diverse stages of development, types of interaction (e.g. collaboration in R&D, entrepreneurship), and types of activity (e.g. operational activities, structures and approaches) allows readers to get new impetus on how to foster university-industry interaction in their own organisation.


All case studies are presented in the same structure, starting with General Information, followed by the Case Study Profile, Implementation & Funding, Outcomes & Impact, Lessons Learned and Further Information. We encourage you to critically review the cases, discuss them with your colleagues and further experts and get in contact with the respective authors in order to adapt the approaches to your own environments and exploit the full value of the presented cases.


Through this publication UIIN strives to support and stimulate the development of university-industry interaction, entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation. For the 2014 issue we invite all to submit their suggestion for a good practice case study to UIIN.


For the full version of the 2013 UIIN Good Practice Case Studies, please visit

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