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6 tips for research dissemination best-practice

  • January 22, 2015


Research dissemination can leave many uninitiated scientists feeling out of their depth. Research Media’s Digital Editor Ben McCluskey offers some insights into the common pitfalls academics encounter and provides a few guidelines for getting research dissemination right

Outreach is a key aspect of attracting industry partners and generally building on the initial success of novel research findings; ultimately, any work conducted with public funds should be pushed to its full potential. However, while some researchers are fortunate to boast excellent communication skills, the two domains of communication and science do not always sit easily alongside one another. There is much debate about whether neuroscientists or materials experts, for example, should be expected to perform the additional role of PR guru for their work, such are the demands of their core role. No matter where you sit on the matter, there are always options to best manage the communication of great science, and I have outlined a few of my experiences in the sector below.

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