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European Software Testing Innovation Alliance (EuroSTIA) | Kick-off Meeting Planned In Amsterdam

European Software Testing Innovation Alliance (EuroSTIA) | Kick-off Meeting Planned in Amsterdam

The European Software Testing Innovation Alliance (EuroSTIA) has initiated the preliminary organisation tasks of the kick-off event in Europe! One of the locations under consideration is Amsterdam, in co-operation with the newly created VERSEN association (


VERSEN is a new Dutch national association for Software Engineering, which officially launched on 21st January 2016. The mission of the VERSEN association is to bring together researchers, educators and practitioners in the field of software engineering in the Netherlands, who share the common goals of advancing the field of software engineering, raising public awareness of the challenges and opportunities of the field, acquiring funding for groundbreaking research, and transferring academic results to broader society.


This fits well with the objective of the EuroSTIA to bring together key actors on software testing in Europe, in order to work together to improve innovation support and technology transfer from universities to companies in the area of software testing.


The idea of the kick-off event will be to bring together Dutch SMEs, large enterprises and public administrations together with European universities to discuss problems and solutions in the area of software testing. European universities on the one hand will pitch their expertise and concrete results from their research activities. Companies and public administrations will indicate what their needs are to improve the software testing process and the challenges they face. A speed-dating session will make sure that universities get to know the companies and vice-versa. After the event, we hope for the creation of new ideas for research directions in software testing and new opportunities for co-operation between universities and companies.


These projects have been funded with the support of the European Commission

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