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UIIN Involved In Two New Major European Projects

UIIN involved in two new major European projects

UIIN has recently received the go-ahead on two large European projects which have been funded under the Erasmus+ scheme. UIIN is part of a large European consortium in a Knowledge Alliance project, looking to embed entrepreneurship and work-based learning in the higher education sector (IE-WEXHE), and part of a smaller consortium in a Strategic Partnership project, looking to increase the proportion of students acquiring an entrepreneurial mindset and engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activities (Triple-E).

Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education
In this Knowledge Alliance, Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education, enterprises, associations and HEIs come together to identify and analyse current provision of work experience in HEIs in 7 different EU countries, generating 84 case studies of work-based learning (WBL) involving all four types of disciplinary sectors (hard-pure, e.g. natural sciences; soft-pure, e.g. humanities and social sciences; hard-applied, e.g. medicine and soft-applied, e.g. social work) covering work placements, traineeships and entrepreneurships.

Embedding Entrepreneurship Education (Triple-E)
Increasing young people’s entrepreneurship skills is increasingly viewed as a way to drive economic growth while also addressing pressing social issues.  The last 5 years have seen growth in the number of HEIs offering entrepreneurship education of some kind; nevertheless, absolute levels of student entrepreneurship remain low and lag far behind competitors: only 1 in 19 young people in Germany are actively engaged in early stage entrepreneurial activity, compared to 1 in 7 in the US. The failure to capitalise on the potential of student and graduate enterprise has direct consequences. Embedding Entrepreneurship Education (Triple-E), has been designed with a clear objective: increase the proportion of HEI students acquiring an entrepreneurial mind-set and engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activity.

Read more about UIIN’s project activities at our project page.



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