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We support universities and businesses across the globe to enhance their organisation in relation to university industry engagement, collaborative innovation and the development of more entrepreneurial entities. We assist regional and national governments in driving innovation ecosystems and provide concrete solutions and support for the implementation of our findings.

Challenges universities are facing

Strategic partnerships

How can you turn your external engagements into more strategic partnerships?

Incentive systems

How can you support and incentivise your staff to engage with industry in education and research?

Impact of research

How can you enhance the impact of research on society beyond traditional academic channels?

Entrepreneurial education

How can you embed entrepreneurial thinking and acting into your education?

Research commercialisation

How can you bridge the valley of death and ensure the successful commercialisation of research?

Student entrepreneurship

How can you facilitate and drive entrepreneurial behaviour amongst students?

What we offer

Regional analysis

We conduct an extensive scanning and mapping of your unique assets and relevant partners in the region.

Capabilities mapping

We evaluate your activities to improve your institution’s internal processes and structures as well as in order to streamline your third mission activities.

Strategy Development

Through an evidence-based approach to strategy, we design your roadmap of critical steps and actions to adapt to internal and external challenges.

Supporting mechanisms

We provide data-driven insights on how to better align your supporting mechanisms with your institutional vision and mission.

Indicators and measurements

We put an emphasis on indicators tailored to your institution, capturing both the tangible quantitative outcomes as well as the more intangible and qualitative ones.

Cultural change

We provide support and insights in terms of bottom-up change management campaigns and entrepreneurial leadership and culture development and training.

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Arno Meerman
CEO & Founder

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Manager Strategic Initiatives

Selected references

Joint Research Center, European Commission

As part of a larger study on lagging regions, UIIN conducted an internal analysis of the entrepreneurial potential and readiness of universities in Northern Rumania.

Budapest Business School

Several professional development programmes for internal and external staff around developing more entrepreneurial and engaged universities and upskilling knowledge transfer capabilities.

European Institute for Innovation and Technology

To gain a better understanding of the research and innovation capabilities in four regions in Europe, UIIN conducted an extensive asset mapping of higher education, public and private institutions.

Crazy Town

A regional analysis of the status-quo of university-business collaboration from the perspective of industry in Finland.

Exeter University

To provide a better understanding of the research capabilities, UIIN conducted an internal audit followed by an external analysis of application in global engagement.

Ghent University

Internal analysis on the level of development on university-business engagement activities, support structures and key barriers and drivers.

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