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Hackathons for University-Industry
Sydney: 6-9pm
Amsterdam: 9am - 12pm
New York: 3-6am
20th October 2020


The growth of innovation in regions and districts is increasingly becoming a driving force towards knowledge-based economies. Today’s innovation ecosystems have become successful in embracing a place-based approach to innovation and are composed of a variety of interconnected elements and stakeholders that mutually reinforce each other. Through proximity-driven collaboration, different actors of the quadruple helix, including universities, industry, governments and society at large, engage in an intensive co-creation of innovation that immediately contributes to urban and regional development.

If you have been wondering what roles different co-creators might have and how place-based innovation processes occur and can be enhanced, our expert panel will definitely be of interest to you.

What you will learn


Insights into the challenges and potential solutions in facilitating proximity-driven cooperation


Examples of governance structures and supporting mechanisms enhancing the innovation process


Key ingredients ensuring the success of place-based innovation

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Expert Panel

Cameron McCoy

Assistant Vice President at Lehigh University

Cameron McCoy is the Assistant Vice President for  Economic Engagement at Lehigh University. He is responsible for developing and executing an integrated strategic plan for the Lehigh’s economic engagement functions, leading enterprise-wide external engagements, scaling and aligning careers & economic development, and enabling institutional innovation through design thinking and internal consultation.

Donald Moore

Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities at Drexel University

As the Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities for Drexel University, Donald E. Moore is responsible for providing strategic master planning, general management and professional direction for all of the University’s buildings and properties. Moore also serves as the President of Academic Properties, Inc., Drexel’s wholly-owned, non-profit real estate subsidiary.

 Laura O’Blenis

President and CEO at Stiletto 

Laura O’Blenis is the President and CEO at Stiletto that focuses on high-impact projects for communities and companies. It is market research, business analysis and strategic planning consulting firm specializing in commercialization, innovation and international partnership development.

Mason Ailstock

HR&A Advisors Senior Principal

Mason Ailstock, HR&A Advisors Senior Principal, is a recognized leader in innovation districts and anchor-driven developments. With nearly 20 years’ experience working with higher-education institutions, governments and industry, Mason has a track record of converging real estate, academia and business to advance communities of innovation.

Paula Sorrell

Associate Vice President of Innovation and Economic Development at George Mason University

Paula Sorrell is the Associate Vice President of Innovation and Economic Development at George Mason University. She joined after a position as Director of the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan. She served for four years as Vice President of Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Venture Capital for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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