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Sydney: 1-2am (WED)
Amsterdam: 3-4pm
New York: 9-10am
UIIN Members Only Virtual Networking 15th December 2020


UIIN Members gathering beyond borders. Grab a coffee, or another beverage of choice and get to know your fellow members and network with your peers from around the globe. Join us on August 14th at 3pm Central European Summer Time!

We warmly invite all UIIN Members to join us for a virtual meeting! We will be sharing our challenges and experiences in certain topics and learn from our peers on the other side of the world.

Tips for effective and efficient networking:

  • Write your full name and organisation in your Zoom profile.
  • Prepare a 1-minute pitch to introduce yourself to other participants.
  • Think beforehand what you will offer to and seek for during the networking session.

We will facilitate the conversation, and would like to invite you to think about:

  • What are your main challenges at work currently and what kind of peer insights would be of help?
  • What future projects do you have in your mind and what kind of partners you would love to collaborate with?

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