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We lead and engage in large-scale international research initiatives focussed on fostering university-industry relationships and entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education. We undertake research activities, develop and implement training models and actively share this knowledge with our wider audience. Through our research we contribute to shaping the future of universities and their external engagement and facilitate a cultural change in the higher education landscape.

Our research areas

University-Industry-Society Engagement

Knowledge Transfer and Valorisation

Engaged and Entrepreneurial Universities

Connected Ecosystems and Regional Development

Entrepreneurial/Enterprise Education

Innovative Learning
& Teaching

Flagship initiatives

Spanning Boundaries

Professional development programme aimed at creating a new generation of spanning boundaries champions who break down internal and external organisational boundaries in their engagement for collaborative innovation.

The State of University-Business Cooperation
in Europe

The largest international study on university-business collaboration (UBC) yet completed that aimed to get a more profound, comprehensive and up to date understanding of the state of UBC in Europe.

University-City Action Lab

Promoting the engagement of universities with their immediate environment and strengthening their potential to act as key actors in fostering dialogue among regional stakeholders.

Engagement Readiness Monitor

Enhancing the readiness of universities to engage to ultimately turn them into engagement ready and subsequently engaged universities through the development of the self-assessment tool and roadmapping.

Unite for Horizon Europe

Building strategic engagement capacity between European academics and SMEs to increase the proportion of successful collaborative participation in the Horizon Europe initiatives through training.

Valorisation Training for Social Sciences and Humanities

Increasing the capacity for valorising social sciences and humanities (SSH) research, signposting the possible options to spin-out high potential new companies and creating immediate social value, through training of SSH researchers and professional staff.

Other projects

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Alexandra Zinovyeva
Manager EU Projects

Dr. Balzhan Orazbayeva
Manager Strategic Initiatives

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