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Training We enable academics, professional staff and university leaders to develop
more strategic collaborations and entrepreneurial & engaged universities
September 24th, 2020 University-Industry Partnership Learn more Workshop October 1st, 2020 Science Meets Business: Gender Equity in STEM Learn more with Marguerite Evans-Galea and Jacyl Shaw Fireside Chat October 20th, 2020 Hackathons for University-Industry Cooperation Learn more Workshop October 29th, 2020 The Future of Universities: Times of Crisis Learn more with Pascale Quester and Carolin Plewa Fireside Chat

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and empowering universities to bring innovation into all aspects of their work, including management, teaching, research and university-industry engagement. Are you an academic, knowledge transfer professional or university leader, who wants to drive change in your institution? We invite you to explore the selection of our workshops, designed to showcase theory and best practice, but also help you devise practical actions that you can take within your university.

1st October 2020

6-7am (CEST)


Science meets Business:
Gender Equity in STEM

Join our fireside chat between Marguerite Evans-Galea and Jacyl Shaw on the 1st of October, and learn how we can collectively improve equity, diversity and inclusion across higher education and innovation in the STEM disciplines.

20th October 2020

9am-12pm (CEST)


Hackathons for University-Industry Cooperation

How can we connect wicked problems and needs with resources and fresh solutions? Paper strategies exist but nothing (usually) happens. Universities need tools to build trust, relationships, and interaction between stakeholders. Join our workshop on October 20th and discover how to use hackathons to catalyse the impact of university-industry cooperation.

29th October 2020

12am-1am (CEST)


The Future of Universities:
Times of Crisis

With the world being under the enormous pressure of the current crisis, this is a critical opportunity to rethink and reimagine the future role of universities during times of crisis. Join The Future of Universities Fireside Chat with Professor Pascale Quester, the Vice-Chancellor of Swinburne University of Technology.

10th November 2020

2-5pm (CET)


University-Industry Partnership

Collaborations with industry and external engagement across both research and education areas have become a core focus of universities. How can universities develop their connections and relationships, and what is actually meant by a strategic partnership? Join us on the 10th of November to gain new insights on assessing and developing your institution’s partnership approach.

FAQ UIIN Online Events

How can I access the online event?
You can register for all our online events through the UIIN Training page. You will then receive an event confirmation ticket as well as a link to the private session on Zoom ahead of the event.

What does the differentiation between Organizational Member, Individual Member & Non-Member mean?
UIIN is an international network that brings together a diverse community of university and industry professionals. Participants with either an Organizational Membership or Individual Membership receive a discount or can attend our online events for free. If you do not have an active UIIN Membership, you can still participate in our online events through purchasing a non-member ticket.

Check out the UIIN Community page to find out if your institution is a UIIN Organizational Member.
To learn more about the UIIN membership types and benefits, visit the UIIN Membership page.

I have registered as a UIIN Member; however, I do not have an active UIIN Membership. What should I do?
Please contact

How can I obtain a UIIN Membership?
Please head to our UIIN Membership page or contact for more information.

What do I need to access the online event?
Prior to the event, you will need to make sure you are able to access Zoom on your digital device. On the day of the event, you can join the session by clicking on the link that has been provided to you.

Can I watch on my mobile/tablet?
We recommend watching on a computer or laptop for the best experience, but the stream will also work on mobile and tablet.

Can, I share the link to join the online event with a colleague?
No, the link to the event is unique to you, so your colleague or friend will need to register for a ticket to get access.

I am not available at the time that the live stream is taking place. Will the session be recorded and posted at a later date?
This is a LIVE online event and there are currently no plans to air recording of sessions after they have taken place.

I cannot find the answer to my question. How I contact the organiser?
Please email and we will be able to assist you.

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